石井琢磨 Takuma Ishii

  • 日本語
  • 1989年、徳島県鳴門市生まれ。 東京藝術大学音楽学部器楽科ピアノ専攻を経てウィーン国立音楽大学ピアノ科に入学、同大学ピアノ科修士課程を満場一致の最優秀で卒業。ポストグラデュアーレコース修了。オーソドックスな古き良きクラシック音楽に主軸を置きながら、「クラシックをより身近に」をコンセプトにした 動画配信も行う新しいタイプのピアニストとして活動している。


    これまでにジョルジュ・エネスクフィルハーモニー、東京都交響楽団、名古屋フィルハーモニー、広島交響楽団、神奈川フィルハーモニー管弦楽団、関西フィルハーモニー、のだめ祝祭管弦楽団等と共演。NHK Classic Fes.2023「たくさんアンサンブル」にて総合司会を務め、NHK交響楽団アンサンブルメンバーと共演。

    国内外で演奏活動を行う他、“TAKU-音 TV たくおん”名義でYoutubeチャンネルを開設。総再生回数は9300万回を超え、チャンネル登録者数も24万人を超えて、なお増え続けている。
    2nd アルバム「Szene」がオリコン、Amazon、楽天等のクラシック部門にて第1位を独占。そしてポップス、アニソン等も含むオリコン総合部門においてクラシックCDとしては異例の第3位にランクイン。

  • Born in, Tokushima in 1989, Takuma Ishii has been a new type of pianist, aiming at making classical music more accessible by being active on various media resources. After graduating from the Department of Music at the Tokyo University of the Arts, he entered the Department of Piano at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, where he received his Master’s degree in Piano with the highest honors and completed the post-graduate course.In 2016, he won the second prize in the piano section at the Georges Enescu International Competition in Bucharest, Romania, as the first Japanese to win, which has been held since 1958 and has been won by Radu Lupu and Elizabeth Leonskaya.
    He has worked with the major orchestras including George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchedtra, Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra, and Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra. He has recently debuted at major concert halls in Japan such as Suntory Hall and Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall.
    In addition to performing in Japan and abroad, he created a Youtube channel under the name “TAKU-ON TV Takuon (TAKU-音 TV たくおん)”. His channel currently has more than 240,000 subscribers and the total number of views has exceeded 93 million. His recent media appearance includes major TV and radio programs. He was awarded Musical Instrument Store’s Grand Prize 2023 and the 15th Tokushima Arts Award.
    His latest recording is his second album entitled Szene, released in August 2023, which features masterpieces for movies, ballet, and opera. He previously released his first album entitled TANZ, which gathered nationwide attention.