大井健 Takeshi Oi

  • 日本語
  • 幼少期に渡独、渡英。
    メンデルスゾーンの子孫から直接ピアノを学び、Worthing Music Festival、Reigate & Redhill Music Festival 等数々のコンクールで優勝および入賞、13 歳でロンドンにてピアノ協奏曲をオーケストラと共演するなど演奏活動を開始。帰国後、国立音楽大学を卒業。在学中『くにたち音楽会』、『ソロ・室内楽定期演奏会』出演。『ゾリステンコンサート』にてラフマニノフのコンチェルトをオーケストラと共演。
    オペラユニット「LEGEND」専属ピアニストを経て 2015 年キングレコードからメジャーデビュー。セカンドアルバム『PianoLove II』でビルボードランキング 1 位を記録。2017 年ソニー『Xperia』のTVCM に出演。また、作曲家とピアニストのピアノデュオ「鍵盤男子」を結成、2017 年ワーナークラシックスからメジャーデビュー。
    2020 年鍵盤男子を勇退し独立。著作『Piano man/集英社』を発表。2021年アルバム『reBUILD』をリリース。全国ツアー『PIANO CLASSICS』を 11 都市で開催。
    2022 年 1月より集英社『青春と読書』にて連載開始。演奏の他、メディア、執筆、講座、レッスンなど多方面で活動中。
  • He studied piano directly from Mendelssohn's descendants, and won first prizes and awards at numerous competitions including Worthing Music Festival and Reigate & Redhill Music Festival. After returning to Japan, he graduated from Kunitachi College of Music. As a student at Kunitachi College of Music, he appeared in the Kunitachi Concert and the Regular Solo and Chamber Music Concerts. he performed Rachmaninoff's concerto with an orchestra in "Solisten Concert". After working as an exclusive pianist for the opera unit "LEGEND," he made his major label debut with King Records in 2015. His second album, "PianoLove II," reached No. 1 on the Billboard ranking. In 2017 he performed in a TV commercial for Sony's Xperia. He also formed a duet with composer named "Keyboard Man", which made its major debut on Warner Classics in 2017. In 2020 he left Keyboard Man and start his solo career. He had released the book "Piano man/Shueisha" and the album "reBUILD" in 2021. In January 2022, he began a series of articles in Shueisha's "Seishun to Dokusho" (Youth and Reading). In addition to performing, he is active in many other fields, including media, writing, lectures, and lessons.