紀平凱成 Kyle Kihira

  • 日本語
  • 2001年生まれ。
    東京2020パラリンピック開会式楽曲演奏や、映画『漫才協会THE MOVIE ~舞台の上の懲りない面々~』の挿入曲作曲・演奏など活躍の場を広げている。
  • Kyle Kihira is a magnificent pianist who blends classical and jazz and captivates musicians worldwide with intricate and complex techniques with a unique style of arranging and composing thousands of pieces of music.

    Born in 2001, he became fascinated with various genres of music, expressing sounds such as the wind and birdsong in musical notes. He naturally acquired music theory through playing the piano.

    He has received domestic and international awards with their energetic skills and delicate tones. At the age of 17, he obtained a diploma from Trinity College London. On stage, he weaves melodies with fresh sensibilities and innovative harmonies, showcasing their original compositions and a wide range of repertoire transcending genres. He also depicts scenes and emotions into music spontaneously, creating a unique musical world. His extraordinary talent has been featured and sparked discussions in various media in Japan. He participated in the production and performance with Masashi Sada and MISIA. He has expanded his presence by performing at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games opening ceremony.